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2019 Amalie Robert Pinot Meunier Willamette Oregon

2019 Amalie Robert Pinot Meunier Willamette Oregon

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The Vintage: In the immortal words of Tom Petty, “Let me up, I’ve had enough.” Yeah, it was like that. Too farmin’ hot and no fall sprinkle to rehydrate the vines. No ambiguity, no uncertain terms. “Hotter than the hubs of Hell!” as Ernie’s paternal grandmother would tell you.  And as farmer’s we just take it. What choice do we have? Oh sure, you can irrigate if you are making that kind of wine. Or just buy a couple cases of beer and invite over a few friends, strategically positioned in the driest part of the vineyard. The lower and especially the upper bounds of climate change have exceeded a tolerable distribution curve by several more than just a few standard deviations. Miss me yet? – 

Tasting Notes: Translucent Crystalline Red. Sun warmed raspberries join fragrant rose petals in an audaciously bodacious manner. Sweet meets tart, unpretentious endures unrelenting and texture teases tannin as the juxtaposition seemingly never ends. And just like last year, this is the best Pinot Meunier we have ever had the privilege to grow, ferment and bottle.

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